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A People's History of Higher Education in the US?

Higher Education Inquirer

The History of Higher Education in the US over the last 4 centuries is worse than horrible--from a People's perspective. To make history, it's helpful to know history. At the end of the pipeline, US higher education may be educating the world's elites, but it is not producing enough good jobs for Americans.

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Anti-DEI and the Future of Higher Education

Diverse: Issues in Higher Education

Supreme Court ruling that affirmative action in college admission decisions was unconstitutional sent shock waves throughout the higher education community. Higher education quickly doubled down on its DEI commitment, reaffirming the importance of safe learning spaces for marginalized and underrepresented groups.

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Black History Month: The Role of Higher Education in Black Activism

Insight Into Diversity

Throughout its history, higher education in the U.S. Although Black History Month was federally designated in 1986, similar weekly and monthly celebrations had already existed for more than 50 years. Throughout history, some activists who were for Black liberation found their homes in the academy.”.

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A Norwegian vision: transforming higher education with VECOIL partnerships

The PIE News

This assembly is a testament to the transformative power of the Norwegian Panorama Virtual Exchange and Collaborative Online International Learning Partnerships Initiative, a visionary government policy that’s reshaping how Norwegian higher education institutions engage with the world.

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Three Principles for Navigating This Time of Transformational Change in Higher Education

Diverse: Issues in Higher Education

They see ChatGPT writing papers, maniacal zealots indoctrinating young minds with woke, left-wing ideology, or, alternatively, right-wing idealogues banning books and prohibiting the honest teaching of history. I was weighed down by the centuries of history that had shaped my place in America, but I was also determined to make a difference.

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Higher education in London


I jumped at the chance to speak to London Higher in part because I am an alumnus of our host institution, having studied here at the end of the last century when Queen Mary University of London / QMUL was known as QMWC or Queen Mary and Westfield College. I am also lucky to be an Honorary Fellow of this institution.

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Higher Education Summer Sessions: Past, Present, and Future


Summer isn’t what it used to be for higher education institutions and their students. A Brief History of Summer Programming. The history of summer programming at higher education institutions can be broken down into three distinct eras. Opportunistic Era. Fifth Quarter or Third Semester Era.