Sat.Dec 02, 2023

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CLA Dean and CFO address college budget - Georgia Jensen, Minnesota Daily

Economics and Change in Higher Education

In his address, Ulaszek said the tuition estimate for fall 2023 is $2.1 million short of the budget, meaning the college needs to come up with $2.1 million mid-year to give back to central administration to fill the budget gap. Elisia Cohen, director of the Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication, said, in theory, students’ tuition revenue should be able to support the cost of instruction.

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Bring Technology Within Reach for Higher Ed Students

EdTech Magazine - Higher Education

Access to technology is vital for today’s college students. But in order for campus IT leaders to make informed decisions, it’s important to know what students are looking for. The EDUCAUSE 2023 Students and Technology Report surveyed more than 1,900 higher education students across 10 institutions to find out what students want from their technology experiences in terms of flexibility, choice and equity.

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What can educators do with AI? – 101 Creative Ideas to Use AI in Education


08 Dec – 1pm GMT Register here Image created with DAL-E 4 Chrissi Nerantzi Associate Professor Leeds University. Sandra Abegglen, Researcher, University of Calgary, Canada. Marianthi Karatsiori, Adjunct Lecturer (Pedagogy, Adult Education, ICT), University of Macedonia, Greece. Antonio Martinez-Arboleda, Professor in Open and Digital Education, University of Leeds, UK The editorial team of #creativeHE published the new crowd-sourced, open-access book called ‘101 Creative Ideas to Use AI i

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Sam Altman’s Second Coming Sparks New Fears of the AI Apocalypse - Peter Guest & Morgan Meaker, Wired

Economics and Change in Higher Education

As Altman toured the world in 2023, warning the media and governments about the existential dangers of the technology that he himself was building, he portrayed OpenAI’s unusual for-profit-within-a-nonprofit structure as a firebreak against the irresponsible development of powerful AI. Whatever Altman did with Microsoft’s billions, the board could keep him and other company leaders in check.