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Collegiate Esports Programs Serve as Recruitment and Retention Tools

EdTech Magazine - Higher Education

At the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, for example, competitive video gaming is proving to be a powerful tool for recruitment and retention. With growing interest in esports, many are looking to develop their club and varsity programs to attract potential students. As more high schools develop esports programs,…

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Study: Third-Grade Retention Has Positive Effects for Student Outcomes

Diverse: Issues in Higher Education

Dr. NaYoung Hwang Grade retention, the practice of having students repeat a grade if they do not pass certain proficiency thresholds, has been argued to help children develop their reading and literacy skills in early grades, preparing them for educational pursuits in the future. As of 2019, 18 U.S.

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Top Retention Strategies for Diverse Modern Learners

HEMJ (Higher Ed Marketing Journal)

As the needs of students change, universities must alter their recruitment and retention strategies to make sure that their messages resonate with diverse student prospects, and that they provide the right support services to meet these students’ needs. In the past, admission and retention staff viewed success as the student’s responsibility.

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Rethinking Student Retention in the Context of Adult Learners


It’s no secret that providing dedicated support to meet students’ needs is linked with better higher education retention and completion rates. The post Rethinking Student Retention in the Context of Adult Learners appeared first on MindMax. Connect with us today to find out more about our higher education marketing services.

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How a pandemic response became best practice for student retention.


The post How a pandemic response became best practice for student retention. Tania Struetzel and Colum MacKey explain how a partnership empowered students to lead in community wellbeing. appeared first on Wonkhe.

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A race against time: 2 ways to push students toward higher retention, completion rates

University Business

These are the predominant findings in a new report by Ad Astra , a software provider helping students complete their degree, based on sobering retention and completion rates from 1.3 Students’ retention and completion rates increased at the same rate as their average term credits. The reason?

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The Overlooked Challenge of Second- to Third-Year Retention

Higher Education Today

Title: More to the Retention Story: Exploring Second- to Third-Year Retention at 4-Year Colleges and Universities Authors: McCall Pitcher and Kelle Parsons Source: American Institutes for Research For many years, the higher education community has prioritized first-year retention as an indicator of potential student success.