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History isn’t statuesque. It moves


Reflecting on campaigns to remove statues and calls to decolonise, Stephen Stenning argues that heritage only really lives through discussion, interpretation and reinterpretation The post History isn’t statuesque. It moves appeared first on Wonkhe.

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Panel: Erasing Black History Threatens to Harm Black Community, Students, and Nation's Future

Diverse: Issues in Higher Education

The exclusion and omission of Black history threatens to harm not just the Black community at large but also students and the very future of the nation, experts said during a Nov. In the face of curriculum and book bans and the devaluing of Black history, it is imperative to amplify and uphold African American history.”

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An Election about the Right to Learn History

Academe Blog

In the excitement (or disappointment) last Tuesday, however, the ongoing national struggle over history education received short shrift. Would it be the seventh state in a row to recognize a woman’s bodily integrity as a constitutional right? Buried in…

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Exploring the History of Latinos in Baseball

Diverse: Issues in Higher Education

So, when it came time for him to pick an academic pursuit, the study of Latinos and sports history naturally came to mind. I just wanted to understand what [the history was] behind this,” says Burgos. “I Latino, African American, and sports history. He is a professor of history at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

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Op-Ed: Pride, History Propel LGBTQ+ Rights Forward

Insight Into Diversity

That these same labeled people grabbed hold of the word “pride” to name their movement was an act of civil disobedience against both history and language. LGBTQ+ History Month (October in the U.S.) History, of course, is a source of pride. History is another. History nourishes pride. Pride energizes history.

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How Chapters Shaped the History of Reading

The Chronicle of Higher Education

How books got organized. By Catherine Gallagher Illustration by The Chronicle; iStock images Nicholas Dames's new book considers a literary feature that scholars usually neglect.

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Unveiling An Accidental Triumph: The Improbable History of American Higher Education

Diverse: Issues in Higher Education

An Accidental Triumph: The Improbable History of American Higher Education tells the unique story about what Americans think of higher education. Dr. Sol Gittleman Gittleman, who is the Alice and Nathan Gantcher University Professor Emeritus, has emerged as one of the nation’s most important interpreters of the history of higher education.